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Southgate launches paper void fill systems with ‘near-zero’ downtime

From: Packaging News

Southgate has launched two different paper void fill systems which it says offers high production speeds and ‘near-zero’ downtime.

The trade packaging distributor has introduced two new paper void fill and pad fill systems to its product range, featuring new-generation technology that increases void fill production speeds by up to 21% and pad fill by up to 75%, compared with the nearest equivalent systems currently on the market.

Void fill is primarily used to prevent movement of contents and prevent carton collapse. Padding is used to protectively line cartons or place between products to cushion them from impact and prevent contact damage.

The X-FILL and X-PAD from Southgate both feature patented anti-jamming technology and simple paper loading to maximise output and reduce the frequency of downtime to almost zero.

With a digital control panel designed for ease of use, the X-FILL void fill system is capable of running at up to 1.7 metres per second.

Paper for the X-FILL is supplied in handy, fan-folded ‘load-and-go’ packs and in two grades of single-ply kraft paper for different degrees of void fill bulk and compressibility.

Southgate will also be offering integration of the systems within its Pacplan Technik bespoke pack stations.

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