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B&B studio delivers new brand creation for The Curators

From: Packaging News

B&B studio has designed packs for new meat snacks brand The Curators.

The design agency introduced a vibrant brand identity which brings together the concept of curating flavours, with the process of curing meat.

A single brushstroke of paint that resembles the jerky is featured on each pack, representing the creativity at the heart of the brand.

B&B studio has incorporated bold colours that reflect the passion and enthusiasm of the founders.

A simple graphic border around the brand name adds weight to the on-shelf packaging, and provides flexibility for off-pack branding with punchy straplines and imagery of the high-quality ingredients.

Ed Hauck, co-founder, The Curators, said: “In such a high-profile market it was crucial for us to communicate these points of difference to our consumers, and B&B studio’s identity perfectly captures our dedication to high quality ingredients and the artistry of flavour curation.”

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